Church Finances & Hope

Last month, I shared some best practices for personal finances. I also shared them in a recent sermon (10/22). I certainly hope  those things are helpful to everyone!

In light of the letter from the Ad Board this month (October), focusing on church finances, I want to encourage you to please read the letter from the Ad Board that was thoughtfully/prayerfully prepared for you. You can read the letter in the upcoming newsletter (end of October). It will also appear in an upcoming bulletin.

I would simply note that the current challenges are NOT unique to Wehnwood. As you might imagine, many churches are feeling the effects of the risings costs, not to mention the impact of the pandemic, itself. You will see in the letter that our giving has been steady in recent years (i.e., trickled up slightly), which we are grateful for; however, expenses have increased (as everyone probably knows).

In spite of the challenges, what gives me hope is that Wehnwood is actively serving as the hands & feet of Jesus! The following statement has stuck with ever since I heard it in a sermon …

"God's work done God's way will never lack God's resources!"

Let us seek God’s will in all  we do, and trust God to provide for what God calls us to do!

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