General Conference Reflection

The postponed 2020 General Conference finally took place this year. As I wrote beforehand, “I am choosing to trust the process.” That is still the case, and I am still trusting God to continue to lead and to bless the United Methodist Church!

As I also said, “There will always be struggles” as well as “a variety of theological positions on a host of social issues.” And that’s okay.

Following General Conference, we had a total of 27 people attend one of the webinars presented by the delegates from our Conference. We are currently waiting to receive more information in print as well as a possible recording of the webinar. We will share whatever we can!

As many leaders have said, some are celebrating and some are grieving over changes related to human sexuality. As I’ve said in a couple of different meetings, I’m not necessarily grieving or celebrating. The good news is that pastors can follow their conscience and churches can set their own policy for the building. In the months ahead, we will develop a building use/wedding policy after a season of prayer, study, and conversation. I’ve asked Pastor Ray to help me lead this effort (as early as the fall).

In the meantime, please pray for …
— A renewed focus on our mission of making disciples of Jesus!
— God’s blessings upon our church’s ministry!
— Those who are grieving.
— Humility, peace, love, grace … and extra grace!

Thanks for your prayers! 🙏
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