My Renewal Leave

Ordained United Methodist clergy are encouraged to take renewal leaves of at least one month every 4 years. The SPRC and the Bishops and Cabinet have approved a renewal leave for me for June 7 through July 9.

What is a renewal leave?
A renewal leave (mini-sabbatical) is not a vacation; it is a scheduled time for personal renewal, leadership development, and spiritual growth.

What will Pastor Randy do on renewal leave?
Joleen and I have done one renewal leave previously — in 2016, which included a mix of travel, reading, and visiting/observing fruitful churches. This time around, it will consist mainly of a roadtrip through several western states to see and enjoy some of God’s creation. I plan to read/listen to some books for spiritual growth and leadership development. Journaling, as always, will be especially helpful in remembering and processing the experience!

What will take place at Wehnwood UMC?
Area United Methodist pastors will be on call for pastoral emergencies. Please contact call the church office if there's a need.
Guest preachers will cover the Sundays I will be away. I am pleased that the following will each cover one Sunday (9 & 11 AM, except the 5th Sunday) …

6/9: Rev. Dr. Kathy Kind (Director, Connectional Ministries)
6/16: Rev. Elaine Shafer-Stroud (Retired)
6/23: Rev. Dr. Tom Salsgiver (Assistant to the Bishop)
6/30: Todd Coleman (5th Sunday; 10AM only)
7/7: Rev. Ray Kovach (Retired)

Thanks for your support and your prayers! 🙏🏼
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