General Conference

The long-awaited General Conference of the UMC is set to take place April 23 to May 3, 2024 in Charlotte, NC.

Here are some of my thoughts & prayers …

I am choosing to trust the process. As United Methodists, General Conference is an important part of our church — it’s the highest legislative body of the UMC. Each delegate has been elected by their own conference and sent to General Conference. Of the 862 delegates, 482 will be from the U.S., 278 from Africa, 52 from the Philippines, 40 from Europe, and 10 from concordat churches with close ties to the UMC.

I am trusting the Holy Spirit to guide this global body in their worshipful work!

Many have put a lot of emphasis on this particular conference (in light of the recent division in the UMC). But remember, it’s one session of General Conference. There will be General Conferences after this one — possibly an extra one in 2026, and then resuming a normal 4-year schedule in 2028. This conference won’t be the end of all debates on any social issue, including human sexuality. There will always be struggles over all kinds of issues. The church has a variety of theological positions on a host of social issues. And, frankly, what should cause us to pause is that the church has not always handled social issues well in the past (e.g., slavery, racial and gender justice/equality, etc.).

Please pray for …

— Safe travel & safety at the event.
— The strong presence of the Holy Spirit.
— Godly wisdom.
— Humility, peace, love, grace … and extra grace!

As a church, we are works in progress, going on to perfection. And we are in this together! Amen. 🙏
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